Robert L. Lucas

Over the last 16 years Robert has been working in all facets of the entertainment industry for major Film/TV studios, special make-up effects companies, and various independent productions around the world.
Mr. Lucas is an award-winning documentary filmmaker (One For The Fire: The Legacy of Night of the Living Dead), a producer for independent projects (More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead, The Theatre Bizarre, The Captured Bird: A film by Jovanka Vuckovic), and has been a Director of Photography or Camera Operator for various television or film projects (MTV’s Yo Momma !, Mirrors, Robert Rodriguez’s Machete) . Recently, Lucas has been shooting promotional pieces for acclaimed musician/guitarist,  Kirk Hammett of the legendary Heavy Metal band, Metallica. 

Brian Slagel


Brian Allen


Brian Allen lives and works as a freelance artist and t-shirt design illustrator in the State College / Bellefonte region of Pennsylvania. Brian’s specialties include t-shirt design illustrations, creating album cover art for rock and metal bands, mascot character designs for websites, and illustrations for book covers and retail packaging. He also specializes in drawing Zombies. Lots, and lots of Zombies. Brian’s work is eclectic, ranging from dark and creepy, to humorous and colorful. Most recently, he created "The History of Metal and Horror" cover art.


Horror film icons also discuss how their films have influenced the horror genre, their connections to metal artists, and why metal and horror work together.

Mike Schiff

A documentary (currently in production) that explores the history of heavy metal music, horror films, and how the two genres have merged together over time.

Various metal artists share their greatest fears, favorite horror films, their influences, and much more. 

After working in Los Angeles record stores, putting metal compilation albums together, Brian began Metal Blade Records in 1982. Since the label’s inception, Metal Blade Records has unleashed some of the most influential and significant metal acts like Metallica, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, Six Feet Under, King Diamond, and Pentagram while developing acts like The Black Dahlia Murder, Amon Amarth, Whitechapel, As I Lay Dying, Behemoth, Job For a Cowboy, Goatwhore, In Solitude, and new comers Mount Salem just to name a few.

​Mike was born and raised in The Bronx, NY. He has worked in film, video, and television production since the late 90's, working at the Howard Stern Show for eight years and starting his own production company, M.A.S. Productions. 

​Being a fan of both heavy metal and horror, Mike felt it was time to make a documentary exploring why the two genres go hand in hand. For "The History of Metal and Horror," Mike also serves as writer, producer, director of photography, and editor. Production began in November 2014 and continues on...